Reliable Income Tax Preparation and Planning

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Individual Income Tax Preparation and Planning

Mile High Tax & Accounting is a Certified Public Accounting firm that brings more than 15 years of income tax experience.  Not only will we prepare your income tax returns, we will find ways to reduce your tax liability through planning and review.  We will review your prior year returns to see if there are any missed opportunities worth amending for.  We can help you to minimize future tax liabilities by keeping you current on changes in the tax law through our newsletter and tax alerts.  We can prepare any state return in the U.S. 

Advanced Technology

We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology in our practice.  We utilize a secure online portal to transfer documents back and forth electronically, we allow for electronic signatures, and we strive to be a paperless office.  We can gather your tax documents, prepare your tax return, and have you sign the return, without you ever having to come in to the office.

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Tax Refund Solutions

We have partnered with EPS Tax to provide multiple tax refund options.  You can pay our tax preparation fees with your refund, have your refund direct deposited, receive a paper check, or utilize a Prepaid Visa.  You also can receive a tax refund advance loan.  To find out more, call today!